NOTICE: The CPAN::Changes Spec has been updated (version 0.04). This site does not yet handle some of the new policies (e.g. "Unknown" release dates), but will be upgraded in the coming weeks.



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Progress - 2013-12-17

You may have noticed some minor updates around the site:

We're up to 44% compliance which is about a 5% increase from this time last year.

Questhub Stencil - 2013-07-17

Neil Bowers has created a stencil for CPAN::Changes on Questhub. Check it out!

What is the CPAN::Changes Kwalitee Service?

The CPAN::Changes Kwalitee Service was created primarily to help CPAN authors gauge their changelog file compliance against the latest specification.

It is hoped that this will encourage authors to update their distributions which will allow applications in the CPAN ecosystem to reliably interpret these files.

Tell me more.

CPAN distributions are generally expected to have a changelog. An overwhelming majority of authors use Changes as the filename (source), however the contents of the file seems to vary more significantly.

A lot of the things we do when packaging perl modules are the result of common convention that has become standard. With this in mind, a specification for writing changelog files has been created from examining existing files and codifying their common elements. Furthermore, a test module has been created to aid in release testing your changelog.

See the main CPAN::Changes documentation for an API to read and write Changes files.

How can I contribute?

Any comments, questions, complaints, patches or even just ideas can be emailed to: If you would like to play with the source code for the project, everything is hosted on github.