Progress - 2013-12-17

You may have noticed some minor updates around the site:

We're up to 44% compliance which is about a 5% increase from this time last year.

Questhub Stencil - 2013-07-17

Neil Bowers has created a stencil for CPAN::Changes on Questhub. Check it out!

10,000 - 2012-09-12

We've hit a bit of milestone: 10,000 readable changelogs!

We're still about 1.5% shy of 40% compliance (out of slightly over 26,000 releases). We have a ways to go yet, but we've seen a steady increase over the first year-and-a-half of this project's existence.

Feed improvements - 2011-11-10

A couple of updates to the recent releases feed have gone live:

MetaCPAN Highlighting - 2011-10-28

Thanks to Randy Stauner, MetaCPAN now gives Changes files some special highlighting. For example, checkout the changelog for CPAN::Changes.

Status - 2011-08-04

Progress towards parsable changelogs continues at a slow, but steady pace. We've recently hit the 37% mark, and we're only about 175 releases short of moving up another percent.

A few minor changes have happened to the site:

April Updates - 2011-04-28

Since the last update, there have been 8 releases of CPAN::Changes. A few of those releases included modifications to the way we parse dates. We are now more liberal in what we accept, and the conformance rate has jumped a few more percentage points as a result.

As for updates to the site:

Parser updates - 2011-03-29

You may have noticed a sharp increase in conformance (from 10% to about 30%). This is because the site has been upgraded to use CPAN::Changes 0.09, which includes more lenient date parsing code. Although timestamps (a la scalar localtime) are parsed, everyone is encouraged to use W3CDTF dates and the existing tools will continue to only spit out dates in that format.

Feeds and other updates - 2011-03-22

A number of site improvements have landed (thanks in part to hobbestigrou!). This includes basic search functionality and iprovements to the dist and author listsings. Furthermore, we now have atom feeds for recent distributions, plus feeds for any given distribution or author.

The next task will be to lay the framework for updating the content on this site at regular and more frequent intervals.

Site Launched - 2011-03-15

Everything is still very much in beta mode, but the site is live and working!